Here we will post any progress regarding keeping and breeding Corallus, Morelia and Sanzinia Madagascarensis. Also upcoming events we will attend (with tables - or possibilities regarding deliviery).


Visit us frequently, especially during spring- and summer when our selected animals are courting, breeding, laying eggs, giving birth and eggs are hatching.


First clutch of 2018

Monday (20180226) eggs from our young Lereh-female were placed in the incubator. The female produced 18 very nice - and fertile eggs. The eggs will be cut after 49 days in the incubator. Hopefully they will all make it and develope as they should. Pictures of the eggs will be posted....

Second clutch of 2017

Thursday (20170727) the eggs from our older Supiori-female and our young Supiori-male has been cut, after 49 days in the incubator. All of the newly cut eggs are truly looking amazing and are textbook examples of egg-development; described by mr. Greg Maxwell. All of the younglings came out of the eggs on sunday (20170730).


Since thie couple are imports, we have no clue of what the younglings will look like during their development. All of the 10 younglings are displayed on our; Available-page. Not for sell yet!

New Chondros from breeders in Europe.

New chondros for the breeding-season 2018 are beeing bought. In september we will extend the breeding-project and the collection with more localities; Calypso, Manokwari, Lereh, Wamena and some high blue/high white Aru:s.


Pictures will be posted here and on Facebook (some already are... )

First Clutch of 2017

A mix between our Jayapura female and one of our Manokwari males resulted in a healthy clutch hatching 20170322.


All of the younglings were yellow at birth and all were fine without any birth-defects. Almost all of them started to eat before the first shed.


The younglings are now for sale in our -AVAILABLE- section.

Third clutch of 2017

Are Aru-female gave birth to a nice, but small cluth 20170630. All of the eggs are looking nice and healthy in the incubator and they will be cut on friday 18/8-2017 (day 50). I usually cut the eggs day 49, but these eggs have been cocking in a lower temperature. All of the younglings came out of there shells 20170822.



Over the years we have tried several different brands of thermostats; mostly Habistat and Microclimate and Habistat being the favorite. Analog Habistat thermostats are still in our new incubators due to there accuracy and high safety.


During 2016 we tried a new brand and that is I-Stat Pulse Plus. Truly a nice and fully loaded thermostat with 24 possible temperature-regimes. The I-Stat Pulse Plus are now operating most of our big enclosures.


The new Microclimate Evo-Lite is also a new digital favorite. The Evo-Lite operates and controls the temperatures for all of the Chondro-younglings.



Specializes in breeding different types of localities and mixes of Morelia Viridis and also captivebreed Corallus Caninus, Corallus Hortulanus, Morelia Spilota Spilota and Cites A snakes like Sanzinia Madagascariensis.

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