At the moment we have nice Morelia Viridis younglings from our;


- Manokwari male with alot of blue (High Blue) and our Jayapura female (very nice green color).


- Supiori male with alot of yellow and our dark green Supiori female, nice looking younglings from this batch.


- Aru High White male with an outstanding green color with white flowers and our Aru High Yellow/High Blue female.

Morelia Viridis Pictures


Manokwari 1.0 x Jayapura 0.1

Video of feeding = Feeding JAMI201702


Video of feeding = Feeding JAMI201703


Video of feeding = Feeding JAMI201704


Video of feeding = Feeding JAMI201706


Video of feeding = Feeding JAMI201709


Video of feeding = Feeding JAMI201710



Supiori FB 1.0 x Supiori FB 0.1


Aru High White 1.0 x Aru Hight White/High Blue 0.1



Specializes in breeding different types of localities and mixes of Morelia Viridis and also captivebreed Corallus Caninus, Corallus Hortulanus, Morelia Spilota Spilota and Cites A snakes like Sanzinia Madagascariensis.

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