The cregardsreptiles.com has now been updated (more than a year since last time). During this time our fascility moved yet another time. The previous house was sold and a bigger one  was bought. The house now conscist of 25 breedingcouples of Morelia Viridis and also some other snakes from around the world.  

Since the last couple of years we have had a fantastic outcome and some really nice clutches. Breeding-season 2019 gave us F1 younglings from BIak Supiori and F1 younglings from Aru High White - also younglings from our crossbreeding of Jayapura and Manokwari (JAMI). It is the second time we are doing the JAMI-project from the same parents as before. The outcome is nice, calm youngligns - easy to feed with a nice green color with a bright blue dorsal line. The younglings are listed in the Available-section... 

Some  younligngs from this years litter is still available. Prices are in Swedish Kronor (Kr) and Euro (€), discounts is possible with bigger reservations/purchases. 

Cregards-Reptiles will attend and have table at the fair in Malmö, Sweden in August 2019- just like earlier fairs, you can find us at the banner (Malmö Tropikmässa).

//. Daniel Cregård, 20190727.


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Specializes in breeding different types of localities  and mixes of Morelia Viridis and also captivebreed Corallus Caninus, Corallus Hortulanus, Morelia Spilota Spilota and Cites A snakes like Sanzinia Madagascariensis.

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